Monday, June 25, 2012

NATO Vs. Syria: An Issue of the Right Thing

As we look at the situation in Syria, many of us remember vividly the situation of similar proportions that happened in Libya as Muammar Gaddafi started slaughtering his own people. It was because of this that NATO stepped in and created a no fly zone over the entire country, yet for the same reasons refuses to get involved in Syria. Just a short while ago though, a Turkish aircraft was shot down by Syria. Turkey, being a member of NATO, may be the final straw in the question of whether or not to aid the rebels of Syria, yet there is many options.

So far western powers have imposed sanctions of Syria, attacking their financial base, yet we have seen no significant results of this. The actions we take must show Syria that we are serious and will attack them politically as well. One such option is the recognition of Israel's control of the Golan Heights, and Lebanon's control of the North Lebanon border villages disputed between Lebanon and Syria. This action would be a direct blow to the face for the Syrian regime, saying if they are not responsible enough to step down, then they are not responsible enough to control that land.

Addition response could be actions just below arming the rebels. Providing bullet proof vests, helmets, and armored personnel carriers could significantly reduce rebel casualties or civilian life. Yet while some may claim that is the same as weapons, it is just an act of human compassion for a group of people struggling to become free from a regime that only cares about power.

The coming week is the only thing that will tell what the chosen outcome will be, and that will no doubt mean some kind of action from NATO. I personally just hope Bashar al-Assad is ready to pay for the atrocities he has committed, and additionally hope we will have the wisdom to make the right choices concerning the matter.