Sunday, December 15, 2013

NSA Proofing and Securing the Internet from Prism

We would like to welcome two newcomers to the world of web security through simplicity (all are free and open source):

Drunycode: Drunycode is a method of enrcypting url's and filenames from different software and snooping programs. The method is based of punycode for url's in which it converts the url to a foreign language then adds the http-equiv="location" content="[foreign url here]" tag to be sure the browser and other software maintain the foreign characters. By doing this, penetration software and hopefully snooping programs cannot recognize the url as a url. The second part of the method is in filenames. Specifically using special and foreign characters, again to make it harder for penetration software and snooping software not recognize it. In testing only periods, tildes, underscores, dashes, foreign characters worked with all browsers- such as "a末_-яb1.1c~d.html". In short this method makes it so that ASCII based software (which most software is) cannot recognize the files or domains, and therefore cannot attack them. More info, including test results and updates can be found at www.МКД.tk

Cekpet Search: Cekpet is a search engine that implements drunycode as well as multiple other features to make it more secure. The other security features include searching through duckduckgo to prevent tracking cookies, and using iframes and meta tags to block web crawlers and other trackable features of the internet. Another huge feature is a notice to the government "All search queries and use off this website are considered electronic communication between our files and systems to a user by means of transfer of signal, writing, data, etc. transmitted by whole or in part by a wire, photoelectronic, or photooptical system that affects interstate or foreign commerce. Therefore all use of this website is protected by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (18 U.S.C. �� 2510�2522) and any attempt to read, watch, seize, or intercept data on users or searches will be considered a breach of this law and a warrantless search. Any request for user information by subpeona or warrant will be responded to with a blank sheet of paper, as we collect no user information." The website can be found at www.секрет.tk

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lindsey Mills/Edward Snowden Facebook Question

This is the whois information for Lindsay Mills website, note that the dns registration is from August 2011, so this is before the Snowden interviews. I took this information and made it into a csv file where i plugged in the email address and phone number from the information given in the whois record. I then plugged that into social networks to see if anything came up.

When I uploaded the csv file to facebook two profiles came up. One thing to keep in mind is that facebook makes you verify all email addresses and phone numbers that you attach to your profile. Anyway, the first profile was uninteresting, a guy named Chris Zonfa from Ohio, few pictures, nothing to note. The second one though, was rather interesting. It is a guy named Abdullahi Noor Dubow, a Somali-South African who according to his photos has very outspoken views on doing Allah's will and AK-47s.

It very well may be some strange coincidence, that the phone number and/or email address expired since august 2011 and they reregistered them, or it could be something else. I personally can think of no reason Snowden or his girlfriend would have any ties to any islamist in South Africa, unless they wanted it to be found. He may have made it so that it would come out, and therefore say "See how easy it is for this information to be gathered."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Obama Reporting Actions in Line with Market Timing

Over the last few months, we have noticed a recurring trend- the Obama administration releases bad news when historical market timing shows down trends, and releases good news when markets trends are predicted to go up. From the data on it appears last months giant revelations and this months report from Ben Bernanke have been timed so that the administration can "control" how the market reacts to give bigger emphasis to the administration's agenda.

It has been predicted through historical markets by QuickerTicker that early in July the market tends to go on a up turn, which could also lead to the prediction that Obama is planning some big announcement. It is probable that the administration will make a big speech about something great they have done, then as the market rises the administration will take credit for the stock surge.

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Website Reports Market Data Faster.

A new website, has made the stock market and even faster place today. The site features index rates, some stock figures, and more data retrieved through web sources such as the Nasdaq, Wilshire, and Russel. By going into the code of where these sites are reporting the data, The Quicker Ticker updates at the same speeds the markets themselves update, yet with faster load speeds on the side through several coding techniques, the Quicker Ticker can actually report the numbers faster. After companies have begun running fiber optic cables from the trading floor, every second has counted on wall street to make the best deals and have the most info.

Other features of the site are search tools for researching corporate news and market data on companies to make more informed trades, as well as tips and tricks for making the most of your money in investments. The website hopes to have steady growth over the next few weeks to a point where it begins to be on Yahoo! Finances radar.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kim Jong-Un and the brownish-pink chair

In last month or so, we have started to notice a recurring theme with Kim Jong-Un in that in many pictures of him there is always a brownish-pink suede chair not far behind. In many of the images he is sitting in the chair while his generals or staff are surrounding him standing, and in some, it appears the chair is just sitting there behind him while out in wilderness observing drills... while photos from the same day do not show the chair. Often times though, it seems to be an identical chair. This may mean he just REALLY likes that chair, or it may mean that the chair is taken everywhere he is for medical reasons such as lack of energy from blood pressure problems or other health factors. What we do know, is that Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung both died of heart attacks, Kim Jong-Un is known to smoke, and Kim Jong-Un is obese. All of these factors could link to the chair situation to show a bad health condition. The fact that Jong-Un sits while all others stands, and this pinkish-brown chair seems to follow him, even to the most unlikely outdoor observation post. This health condition could be the cause of Kim Jong-Un's disappearance from the public in recent weeks as reported by International Business Times but the fact remains, it is probable that Kim is in "il" health.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resident Photos and News on Mayflower Arkansas Exxon Oil Spill

Local residents in the Mayflower, AK area are saying that authorities are denying press access to different areas of the town, not allowing the media to see the full extent of the Exxon oil spill. Photos are beginning to go viral of Exxon's crude oil from Canada flowing into yards in what seems to be an uncontrolled on-land spill. Here is a photo below:

The leak has caused the evacuation of about 22 homes in the area, but photos like this show that some areas are either not being evacuated, or were not evacuated soon enough. Exxon has stated that it believes this to be 10,000 barrels of oil leaking from the pipeline that carries 90,000 barrels a day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

CBS Washington DC forcing opinion upon pollsters.

When reading an article on the CBS Washington DC affiliate today, we noticed an opinion poll that seemed a little strange. The question on the poll was "Are you surprised it's actually illegal for 140,000 unmarried Virginia couples to be living together?" The answers were very similar. In short it gave the options to choose 1. Yes I am surprised, how is that possible? We should change that. 2. No, I'm not surprised. We have many outdated laws. we should change them all. Or 3. If that is true then I am breaking the law. We should change that. 

There are no choices such as 4. No, I'm not surprised. Virginia has always had a strong set of morals and it should stay that way. or 5. I don't care, this is Washington DC, Virginia can do what it wants, stop making opinion polls that try to push bias upon us to making false statistics in order to promote your agenda.

It is a shame that CBS calls itself a news agency while providing biased polls like this. It shows that they are not interested in other opinions, whether the morals they are based on are too strong or not. Perhaps the law is a bit tough, but in a fair poll, people have the right to state their opinion rather than just accepting yours.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Windows is not a "Luxury Good" nor "supports the Government" in North Korea

"Facilitating North Korean procurement of luxury goods, or engaging in illicit activities that involve or support the Government of North Korea" These are the words of the Department of the Treasury's overview of sanctions against the government of the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, meaning in short that any goods that are deemed luxury goods, or any goods that support the North Korean government are banned from export to them. So, of course when North Korea released the photos of the control room for the satellite launch last month, it came as a surprise to see the desktop background of Windows peeking out from behind a window on one of the computer screens! As you can see in these photos,released by North Korea's government, the computer in the right bottom corner has the familiar green field and blue sky desktop background of windows. Windows, as any computer system, is both a luxury good - and by the looks of it is supporting the North Korean government. Perhaps it is slips like this that leads North Korea to disregard the sanctions we place against them.

Monday, January 7, 2013

First McMillan then American Spirit: Bank of America's War on Guns

You would think that a company that gets bailed out by the government of the United States of America would have enough dignity to at least respect its constitution... Think again. In April 2012 Kelly McMillan, owner of McMillan arms reported that Bank of America began terminating business with them even though they were in good standing. According to bank representative Ray Fox, it was purely political.

One time occurance? No. Just today Bank of America has frozen the account of American Spirit Arms, a company that legally sells gun parts online. Owner Joe Sirochman says Bank of America froze his account and later told him they did not believe he should be selling gun parts on the internet. It is very obvious that Bank of America has no respect for our right to bear arms, and has no respect for equality, though they were bailed out by the very taxpayers those firearms protect. Shame on them.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coup Attemp Against Boehner!

As you will soon see on there was a coup attempt against John Boehner's speakership this week that was called off at the last minute. This is what news sources say:

Tea Partiers and many conservatives were determined that John Boehner not be re-elected Speaker. Reports circulated that 20 members were ready to vote against John Boehner which would have been enough to prevent a first ballot election as Speaker and if they held firm, it may have forced a replacement. Instead, the coup broke up. They were unable to agree on an alternative to Speaker Boehner, with all twelve members who voted against Boehner scattering.

New York Republicans representative Peter King almost led a coup this week when Boehner refused to allow debate on aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, and outside the chamber, he joined New Jersey governor Chris Christie and New York's Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo is lambasting Boehner and other Republicans for standing in the way of relief to their constituents.

A group of dissident Republicans failed on Thursday to push Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) to a second ballot in his election as Speaker and potentially replace him as leader of the House.
Twelve House Republicans broke from Boehner in a tense public roll-call vote, either by voting for someone else or deliberately not voting at all — five short of what would have been needed to force a second ballot.