Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lindsey Mills/Edward Snowden Facebook Question

This is the whois information for Lindsay Mills website, note that the dns registration is from August 2011, so this is before the Snowden interviews. I took this information and made it into a csv file where i plugged in the email address and phone number from the information given in the whois record. I then plugged that into social networks to see if anything came up.

When I uploaded the csv file to facebook two profiles came up. One thing to keep in mind is that facebook makes you verify all email addresses and phone numbers that you attach to your profile. Anyway, the first profile was uninteresting, a guy named Chris Zonfa from Ohio, few pictures, nothing to note. The second one though, was rather interesting. It is a guy named Abdullahi Noor Dubow, a Somali-South African who according to his photos has very outspoken views on doing Allah's will and AK-47s.

It very well may be some strange coincidence, that the phone number and/or email address expired since august 2011 and they reregistered them, or it could be something else. I personally can think of no reason Snowden or his girlfriend would have any ties to any islamist in South Africa, unless they wanted it to be found. He may have made it so that it would come out, and therefore say "See how easy it is for this information to be gathered."