Sunday, July 19, 2015

Western US Organizes to watch Jade Helm Exercises

Most of you have probably heard one thing or another about the Jade Helm 15 military exercises going on across the western US, but if not I will fill you in. Essentially the exercises are taking place from California to Texas on non-Government land and involve roughly 2000 special forces troops. The exercises are meant to practice counter insugency, and similate different invironments, but have troubled some people. The most troubling things are the maps that have been released showing both Texas and Utah as "hostile territory" and the fact that these drills are not on military bases but out in public. Some people have been scared.

The news of the drills have led the Governor of Texas to mobilize the Texas State Militia to moniter the exercises, and report back to the state government, as well as citizen groups to form to report all the activities, such as the group "Operation Counter Jade Helm." With the recent terror attack in Tennessee, some are claiming that the government is trying to hide the news of the exercises from the public, but those watching seem to stand strong in their effort.

Of course numerous conspiracy theorys have come from the drills such as "Jade" being a codeword for a chinese takeover, or 15 being a backwards reference to Area 51, but it is troubling none the less. Feel free to read more and form your own opinion at:

Update: When I last checked, the groups facebook event had been taken down, but the article contains a link to: