Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mitt Romney for President!

We at Overworld Magazine have searched for a candidate for President that has knowledge of both business and politics, that shows steady beliefs, and can beat President Obama, as he has spent far too much money and continues to do so. Therefore we have chosen to endorse Mitt Romney as President of the United States of America.
Mr. Romney has executive experience as the former Governor of Massachusetts, and experience leading large companies... Which is essentially what the US economy is. Many have attacked him for "flip-flopping" but he is the ONLY candidate to stay so true to his faith that he has served as a missionary not to mention staying true to his wife for so long, and on political issues he has held true to his beliefs as well. Within the timeline of the 2012 election Willard Mitt Romney has also been attacked for not being conservative enough, yet in 2008 was seen as too conservative! We at Overworld Magazine feel that Mr.Romney would make a very good President, and choose to show him our complete support.

Our endorsement of Mitt Romney has additionally been seconded by Mosheh Thezion, another candidate for President, a sting conservative, and a good Christian, stating:
"It is my hope and wish that he have to wisdom to be able to hear good
advice, in comparison to the endless barrage of advice he probably
receives from so many others.
My advice, for the most part can be found in my own platform...  and
should provide the evidence for its worth, for those who can read.
My concern is and has always been, helping those with power do well, and
by that I mean, solve our nations and worlds major problems.
I do not have to be in power to help provide those solutions."

-Mosheh Thezion

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