Saturday, December 29, 2012

Unfair: France Shoots Down Millionaire Tax

For those of you who studied history at all, you would know that our revolution and our constitution was influenced heavily by the French. As you may remember, France was our biggest ally during the revolutionary war, and French thinkers are what influenced our founding fathers.

Flash forward to present. France's Supreme Court has recently voted down a bill by Francois Hollande to put a large tax increase on millionaires, calling it unfair and unconstitutional. This is just like that major millionaire taxes Obama and the Democratic Party here have proposed and are trying to enact. So if it is unconstitutional in the country that influenced us (and happens to be much more socialist), wouldn't it be so here as we'll? It is very probably that Boehner and other republicans will reference this in future debates as evidence of its unfairness and it's unconstitutionality. So for now, wealthy business owners may breath easy!

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