Monday, January 7, 2013

First McMillan then American Spirit: Bank of America's War on Guns

You would think that a company that gets bailed out by the government of the United States of America would have enough dignity to at least respect its constitution... Think again. In April 2012 Kelly McMillan, owner of McMillan arms reported that Bank of America began terminating business with them even though they were in good standing. According to bank representative Ray Fox, it was purely political.

One time occurance? No. Just today Bank of America has frozen the account of American Spirit Arms, a company that legally sells gun parts online. Owner Joe Sirochman says Bank of America froze his account and later told him they did not believe he should be selling gun parts on the internet. It is very obvious that Bank of America has no respect for our right to bear arms, and has no respect for equality, though they were bailed out by the very taxpayers those firearms protect. Shame on them.

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  1. I just had to coment this.

    If you had any dubth about Corporatism/Fascism/NeoFaudalism, you better wake up, because this is the prof of just that.

    We may drown this is rethorical and oral bar exerices of words/drivell, but this is a corp that istruct and comand a Goverment Controlled and soposedly Non Peartial law enforcment and Corts, and the Govermen tok side, the wallstreets side, not the mainstreet.
    Simply put.

    And this is because they are afraid and knows that the tides is infact turning, they may delay it for a while, jepp, but the scale and scope is slowly grawling Uppward(debth), to beyound sustaiable and will always end in a solid wall.
    And in the mean time, back in the jungle, some of us, is trying to tell the people the reality of the monetary policy, and all the spinn of on that issue. The soscial programs, Infrastructure and education, health issues, to give people alternatives and also highlight the facts of the current situation and policy.
    And above all, the consequencess if this lunacy.
    The scam must stopp, and the only solution is the Icelandic one, brave people that slammed caserolls, in numbers large anouf to make a difference, and this is the only sustaiable solution, there is nothing else.
    To do nothing, to maintain Status Quo, is the wurst imaginable situation in this present grave moment.

    This is a war, ohyea, but the feild is not in the Arabic world, its between the Topp of the food chain and the rest, aka: we the people.

    The monetary policy is the Name of the Game, they are humaitys greates enemy, the real manslaughter, of scales unimaginable and mindboggeling, and still we drule about Hollywood stars. While our grandchilden future is doomed, to be drowned in debth, and that moment have been passed by the USA Years ago, it will never be payed, its simply to bigg.

    And when 54% of dayli income goes to a war and ceaping an millitary ind. complex a float, and on topp of that, 20-25% is JUST downpayment on Intress, from private int. finnascial entetys,
    And what litle left, 25-30% runns the prison capmp Ameristan, formerly known as the USA.

    Well, I am Not a rocket scientist, not an economicly educated person, but the numbers above is true, the obviousness of their size and consequencess, well, dumb is not sufficient, numb maybe, but this, will eventualy ruin You land, and You will be, slaves and earenboys to forein owners, as they by up everything, with money from You private own, sentral bank.

    Nobody is more hoplesly blind, than those that refuse to see.

    I have no date to this "acoplaypse", but the crash is obvious, and if noobody does anything to reduce the wars and reduce the size of the millitary ind. complex, that destroys land on land, kills everything, everywhere.

    And when the FeD is controlled and the monetary policy is changed, I can tell You this, USA will be on surpluss withinn 2 years, max.
    Hell I pay lesser Tax that You do, have fee scool, amoust free health care
    #it costs me less to be operated that to take a short tripp to the doctore, but far below the USA standard, and our country runn in surpluss, even thoe we have "unbelivable" high wellfare rates, but we dont have a idioticly bigg army#
    And from then on, there is no limmit.
    Dont tell me the sky is the limmit, when there are fottprints on the moon.


  2. Damn, speak English boy!!!

  3. I kinda liked what the first 'anonymous' "just had to say" don't have to be well educated in what's obviously somewhere else to be able to see what's going on.....and it doesn't take much to understand what he/she means ;)

    In fact I shared it on my wall

    Mad Angel on FB