Thursday, March 14, 2013

CBS Washington DC forcing opinion upon pollsters.

When reading an article on the CBS Washington DC affiliate today, we noticed an opinion poll that seemed a little strange. The question on the poll was "Are you surprised it's actually illegal for 140,000 unmarried Virginia couples to be living together?" The answers were very similar. In short it gave the options to choose 1. Yes I am surprised, how is that possible? We should change that. 2. No, I'm not surprised. We have many outdated laws. we should change them all. Or 3. If that is true then I am breaking the law. We should change that. 

There are no choices such as 4. No, I'm not surprised. Virginia has always had a strong set of morals and it should stay that way. or 5. I don't care, this is Washington DC, Virginia can do what it wants, stop making opinion polls that try to push bias upon us to making false statistics in order to promote your agenda.

It is a shame that CBS calls itself a news agency while providing biased polls like this. It shows that they are not interested in other opinions, whether the morals they are based on are too strong or not. Perhaps the law is a bit tough, but in a fair poll, people have the right to state their opinion rather than just accepting yours.

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