Sunday, December 15, 2013

NSA Proofing and Securing the Internet from Prism

We would like to welcome two newcomers to the world of web security through simplicity (all are free and open source):

Drunycode: Drunycode is a method of enrcypting url's and filenames from different software and snooping programs. The method is based of punycode for url's in which it converts the url to a foreign language then adds the http-equiv="location" content="[foreign url here]" tag to be sure the browser and other software maintain the foreign characters. By doing this, penetration software and hopefully snooping programs cannot recognize the url as a url. The second part of the method is in filenames. Specifically using special and foreign characters, again to make it harder for penetration software and snooping software not recognize it. In testing only periods, tildes, underscores, dashes, foreign characters worked with all browsers- such as "a末_-яb1.1c~d.html". In short this method makes it so that ASCII based software (which most software is) cannot recognize the files or domains, and therefore cannot attack them. More info, including test results and updates can be found at www.МКД.tk

Cekpet Search: Cekpet is a search engine that implements drunycode as well as multiple other features to make it more secure. The other security features include searching through duckduckgo to prevent tracking cookies, and using iframes and meta tags to block web crawlers and other trackable features of the internet. Another huge feature is a notice to the government "All search queries and use off this website are considered electronic communication between our files and systems to a user by means of transfer of signal, writing, data, etc. transmitted by whole or in part by a wire, photoelectronic, or photooptical system that affects interstate or foreign commerce. Therefore all use of this website is protected by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (18 U.S.C. �� 2510�2522) and any attempt to read, watch, seize, or intercept data on users or searches will be considered a breach of this law and a warrantless search. Any request for user information by subpeona or warrant will be responded to with a blank sheet of paper, as we collect no user information." The website can be found at www.секрет.tk

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