Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to Overworld Magazine

Hi everyone, I am Andrew Edwards, the founder of Overworld Magazine. At this point in time, this magazine is just a simple blog dedicated to life as we know it. Its meant to bring people from the underworld in which many of us live to the overworld of which life could be.

I have high hopes for this "magazine" in the future, including a mailing list, mobile site, text message feed... who knows, even one day we'll have a print magazine (print media is only KINDA dead... to me at least). We will have articles ranging from ways to make money in the recession we are now in (legally), news from around the world, bullshit articles about anything and everything all from the viewpoint of everyday people now wishing to make an article sound like some guy with a masters in journalism who writes the same way every other person on earth writes. Its supposed to be informative but not a bore... we'll see how that works out.

Anyway, I'm hoping to post the first real article on here later, I'll have to think of a subject while I'm at work. I have a couple brewing in my mind... we'll just have to see what I unleash. Thanks for reading (if anyone is) and I hope you enjoy what is to come in this blog.

Andrew S. Edwards

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