Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cuba: Just One Solution

Just months ago, President Barack Obama gave a speech in India stating that for each $1 Billion in exports the United States does, 5000 jobs are created. Of course the problem we face is that trade is hard to come by. Much of the world is in the same financial situation we are in, and even then it is hard to find someone who wants expensive American goods. Of course, there is always Cuba. Since 1962 the United States has held the toughest  embargo known to the world against Cuba. We have chosen that trade with this small island nation is unacceptable though trade with China, North Korea, and Vietnam continue.

Since that time, more specifically in the last few years, Cuba has replaced the President, made reforms in human rights, made economic reforms, places a non-Castro as the head of the Military, and much more. It is apparent that the government of Cuba sees their flaws and is working to reform, yet the United States makes no move at the $8.96 Billion in imports Cuba does each year. In fact, we still work against Cuba by allowing terrorist groups such as Alpha 66 to function in the United States though we claim to fight terrorism.

The increase in trade and 75000 jobs the dropping of the embargo would create are not the only benefits. Currently Cubans are allowed to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and also Cubans who touch soil in the United States are immediately granted political asylum. Removing this embargo would mean further exploration for oil and less immigration into the country. So many positive benefits for removing an embargo, a mere grudge we have held for nearly 50 years.

In my eyes, it is time to lower the embargo to the level of China's. In the end, we will be a better country and more financially secure and the trade would be more controlled than that which we have with China. This September the embargo will be up for renewal, and to everyone I am saying it is the right choice to lower our embargo. As a conservative America, I am saying it is our duty to allow this $8.96 Billion to come to the people of the united States. Now is the time for reform.

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