Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden Killing Questions (Plus Reuters Photos)

I've been doing research over the last few days into the Osama bin Laden killing, and the more I hear, the less I believe. In this article I plan to outline the "sketchy" parts of the story to unveil what really happened.

1. The Reuters Photos. Photo's released by Reuters show three different men lying dead on the ground, supposedly in bin Laden's mansion. One of the photo's blatently show computer cables and wires by his head despite the O admin stating that the compund was completly cut off from phone, internet, etc. Notice the wires in the orange circle.

2. No evidence in the form of pictures, dna results, etc have come up proving OBL to be dead. Not to mention that many members of al-Qaeda are denouncing the story. There is also now no way to tell if it is truely Osama since the body was "buried at sea."

3. Obama releases news exactly during Donald Trump's show. Despite the attack being a whole week earlier according to the Obama admin, we were not told until the exact time of Trump's (who has been attacking Obama about his birth certificate) Celebrity Apprentice.

4. According to sources within the airport and cargo companies such as UPS, security has not been increased  do to retaliation threats. Living in Louisville, Ky I have access to many UPS and airport employees, who all said nothing changed despite the Obama admin insisting that al-Qaeda will retaliate in such ways.

5. Faked photos. Senator Brown was showed faked.

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