Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Things I Want to See a President Do

I've spent some time in the last few days thinking of some things I would personally like to see the President do that would make me say "wow... that's good." In all honesty, I don't think I have truly ever said that about a President, a Senator, or most other politicians for the mere fact that they all are on one side or another on every subject instead of coming up with creative ideas to solve problems... therefore I have done it for them. Here is my short list, though with time I could probably think of more.

1. Reduce sanctions against Cuba - This little country is poor, has it illegal to own new cars, and imports $10.86 Billion in goods from halfway around the world every year. In a speech in India President Obama stated that every $1 Billion in exports creates 5000 jobs here in the states... 50,000 jobs would be good, not to mention all the cars we need to sell. Cuba has been making reforms in jobs, civil rights, and humanitarianism in the last few years it's time to do a small part with a big benefit for us.

2. Health care for a select group- As a strong conservative, I disagree with national health care, but don't get me wrong... there are people I do believe the government should provide full health care for. Widows, Orphans, and Students. The widows and orphans part, that comes from the bible for obvious reason, and as for students, they are trying to better their lives and many are working extremely hard to pay their way through college. If their not working hard to pay their way through, chances are they have enough for health care.

3. Go through every cent of spending- The U.S. government needs to look through all of its spending to cut out every single program we don't need. EVERY program we don't need. If you add up every wasted $10,000 grant that looks so small compared to the deficit you could end up seeing millions staring back at you.

4. Mexico- I think everyone can agree we don't want drug traffickers getting across the border, its the workers that is the grey areas. My solution? Steel reinforced concrete road barriers and a line of steel spikes in the ground to prevent vehicles from illegally getting across. Workers will walk, we've seen that, but the druggies seem to like to drive their tons and tons of drugs over.

5. Help out Palestine without hurting Israel- This isn't EXACTLY a job for the US, but we can help. It seems that every government in the Middle East is yelling at Israel to give up land and food and rights to the Palestinians, but I don't see Egypt, Syria, or Lebanon doing any of this. If Egypt handed over land connected to the Gaza strip, Israel could finally feel it is not the only country giving anything up, not to mention the people in Gaza could finally have some space to move around. Next thing is Israel need to put a guarded Palestinian train line from the west Bank to Gaza. This way Palestinians could travel freely and Israel could be sure their not straying from the right path.

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