Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reason for Aristide's Return: Revealed

Just a few days ago, the staff from Overworld Magazine contacted the Haitian Lavalas Party through their website http://www.fanmilavas.net/ to interview them about the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, as he was not giving a reason on his return. A man named Jacob was the spokesperson that replied to our message, and gave a very clear insight to the views on Aristide as well as his reason for returning.

When asked directly why Aristide is returning, the Lavalas Party member known as Jacob directly answered, "We know for a fact that his soul was always connected with plight and need of the masses, he has medical reasons which dictate a warmer climate  in addition, his desires to help the Haitian people post-seismic." There is both the claim of health reasons for his return as well as attempting to help the Haitian people after their disastrous earth quake.

From there we wanted to know a little bit more on their thoughts of Aristide, to see why they had hoped he was returning. Their answers seem not only admirable of him, but even to the point of worship. "We believe that the return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti is the return to life. The triumph of light over darkness, the answer to the prayers of the masses whom for the past 7 years have only ask for his return in their quest to live in dignity in spite of their misery," Jacob told me. He continued on to tell of all the things Aristide did to reform the country, even calling him the best President in the past 50 years. This conversation led on to the fact that he is returning just before the Presidential elections, on which he commented, "President Aristide he is a citizen who still has the right to participate in the dealings of his own country, what he decide to do with it in the future is not known now and for the people to decide."

All of this points to the Lavalas Party hoping to pitch Jean Bertrand Aristide against other Presidential candidates, though it is not clear whether this is his intentions or not. The present question is whether his return really is of health reasons, or if it is truly him reaching out to the earth quake victims. It seems that we will have to wait until Thursday, the predicted day of his return, to see his intentions as well as the response of all the Haitian People.

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