Sunday, March 13, 2011

Initial Candidates for President 2012

As candidates are getting warmed up for Presidential bids in Iowa, and with Primaries only a year away its starting into that season we know as election season. We have interviewed four candidates seeking office in 2012 both as part of major parties or as independents, we feel America should hear the voice off all candidates to make a more informed decision on who we choose out of the many running. We now give you the Overworld Magazine Early Presidential Preview:

Joe Schriner - Iindependent

Tax/budget:  We proposed a "simplified progressive tax" that goes up commensurate with income.  Filing would be done on an easy, one-page form.  To make it a more democratic process, the taxpayer could designate where 25% of their tax money would go (military, environmental programs, social programs...).  We also propose a National Sales Tax on "luxury items" to help spend down our current astronomical ($13.7 trillion) Federal Deficit.  In tandem, we'd work to dramatically decrease the Federal Government in scope and waste.  Read:  "Tighten our belts."  Note:  After the Vietnam War (and the debt it incurred), the government instituted a 5% "Victory Tax" on all annual net incomes of $624, or more, until the debt was paid off.  We'd propose the same thing, obviously allowing for inflation in regard to current net incomes.

Foreign policy:  Foreign aid currently accounts for approximately 4% of the Federal Budget.  Our belief is that this should, at least, quadruple.  Some one-sixth of the world's people don't have access to clean drinking water and 24,000 people starve to death, every day (U.N. figure).  President Eisenhower, in his farewell address said:  "Every gun that is made, every war shipped launched, every rocket fired... signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed..."  I would be on the same page, cutting back significantly on military, and NASA, spending, while redistributing some of this money to foreign aid.  We, as a nation, have the potential to relieve so much more human suffering worldwide.  And should.

Energy:  Our administration would take the stance that global warming is real and an imminent threat (based on a wide, and growing, body of scientific evidence).  Given that, we would work exhaustively to inspire curbing carbon dioxide emissions.  Conservation is key.  In the wake of the recent Copenhagen Accords, which yielded no concrete emissions targets or dates, our administration would work to at least go along with the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol.  To that end, we would ask Americans (both in the business and residential sectors) to cut back considerably on energy use, while we dramatically ramped up the development of alternative energy technology (solar, wind, wave, geothermal...).   And as a model for society, I recently told the Amarillo (TX) Globe News that we would turn the White House into a "Kyoto Protocol Home Zone."  There would be no air-conditioning, the thermostat would be dialed back in the winter, we'd dry clothes on a line (wouldn't that add some color to the White House lawn), we'd install a small wind turbine to compliment to the solar panels now on the White House roof...  Running as "concerned Midwestern parents," my wife Liz and I don't want to leave a world of climate chaos for our children.  What responsible parent would.
Alma Mater:  Bowling Green State University in Ohio

Gun Control:  We intentionally moved into the inner city of Cleveland several years ago for social justice reasons.  While at a neighborhood Rec. Center one day with my kids, a boy from the neighborhood came stumbling into the gym, and collapsed.  Blood everywhere.  The boy had been shot in the leg, having been caught in the crossfire between two gangs...  Statistics show there are now 100,000 shootings a year in this country.  America has become, well, a war zone.  We would, indeed, lobby for more gun control measures.  In tandem, we would work exhaustively to curb societal factors (poverty, domestic violence, drug addiction...) that are often precipitating factors in gun violence.

Health Care:  At the front end, we'd stress: prevention.  Our focus in this area would be on educating about nutrition, exercise, stress management...  What's more, in Athens, Georgia we met with Dr. Jonathan Davis.  Dr. Davis said as much as 33% of health care expenditure in the country would go away if people, in essence, toughed out certain illnesses and physical injuries, like they did in the "old days."  That is, things like minor sprains, the flu, common colds...  Dr. Davis said we have become addicted, of sorts, to 'better living by chemistry' and have become adverse to feeling uncomfortable, even for a little while.  Added to this, he said doctors these days are afraid of discouraging anyone from coming in, no matter how benign the symptoms seem to be,  because of the increasingly litigious nature of our society.  In this respect, we'd lobby for more protection for doctors.  Coupled with all this, we'd propose a Regional Health Care System, funded by local taxes and comprised of small, privately owned local hospitals, doctor's practices, and so on.  To supplement this, we'd propose Community Pharmacies, like the one we researched in Monroe, Louisiana.  The pharmacy gets donations of samples from local doctors, left over medication from nursing homes after a resident has died, donations of over the counter medicines and local donations of money.  As a result, if, say, a senior comes up short for medication, the pharmacy is there to help.  And in addition to this, we looked at the Marillac Clinic Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado.  This two story complex provides a full spectrum of medical services (including operations) on a minimal sliding fee scale because of all the volunteer doctors, nurses and citizenry doing intake work, janitorial work, landscaping...  A Community Pharmacy and a Marillac Clinic could work in every county in the country and provide a tremendous safety net for those in need.

You can tell alot about a person by they're biggest inspirations and their favorite quotes. What are yours?   
       My favorite quote is Gandhi's quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world."  I am also Christian.  And my biggest inspirational paradigm is: The gospel message and how it applies to the year 2011, 2012, 2013...  In regard to our "...against all odds" campaign, I'd have to say one of my biggest inspirations is the movie: Hoosiers (which was actually based on a true story).

What are some original ideas of yours that have not been brought forward to make life and liberty easier for Americans?  

     One of the main reasons 'life and liberty' have become 'harder' for Americans, in my estimation, is that we have a corporate dominated society at this point.  Corporations have woven their tentacles into almost every aspect of our culture.  For instance, lobbyists are employed by such interests as banks, mortgage lenders, stockbrokers, big retailers...  In 2009, according to Time Magazine, $15 million was spent by these interests on lobbying in the Financial Reform Bill.  This, in turn, yielded $10 billion in lower taxes for these concerns.  $10 billion that could have been used to improve inner city schools, social programs, programs to help the environment...  Also, concerns like big defense contractors are vested in keeping the war machine going.  And in this, more and more young people are maimed, killed.  Other corporate concerns are interested in monopolistic practices, like Monsanto, to continue the wide scale use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and toxic, soil destroying artificial fertilizers.  At Oberlin College in Ohio, David Orr, who is the head of the Environmental Studies Program there, told me these harmful farm chemicals are creating chemical cocktails that are exploding into things like cancer in our systems.  I could go on with this, but the point stays consistent.  The bottom line for most big corporations is net profit, not the common good for the common person.  To combat all this, our administration would push for a "New Economy."  One where big corporate farms, big national corporations, big banks... would be labeled as monopolies and broken up.  Wall Street speculation would go away as well.  In their place, we would have a tremendously jacked down and simplified economy.  An economy with downtown revitalization and a resurgence of small "Mom and Pop" shops.  And we would provide debt free stimulus to community based projects to revive Main Street market economies.  There would be a shift to much more local production to local consumption.  There would also be a shift to a much more decentralized, organic agrarian based society, like in days of old.  These ideas, while relatively 'original' within the context of today's Geo-political world, is the essence of what was once the backbone of our country.  Note:  I also see abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, poverty, pollution, lack of health care and anything else that can end life prematurely, as tremendous affronts to 'life.' And I would work exhaustively on each of these.

Deonia (Dee) Neveu - Democrat

I graduated from  Ramapo College of New Jersey, with a BA in Psychology.

Regarding the Tax/Budget, Although I'm not a financial expert, and certainly I would look for a financial professional for the best guidance, and then there are some things that just make "common sense" across the board.  However, I do believe that there are "creative" ways to help the economy without only engaging in cutting out jobs and benefits and raising taxes, which seems to be what our Government always seems to do, but it really doesn't work.

On foreign policy, there is certainly a variety of foreign affairs and situations existing, and each case is unique, therefore there is a different answer regarding each foreign thought.  For one thing, America does need to protect its borders, as well as Americans overseas.

Energy, I believe that America should continue to improve on obtaining a clean environment, and a self-sufficient form of energy.  America is still working on this aspect of energy.  I'm no environmental scientist, and so I would be all ears to listening to what the American citizens also would think are good options.

Gun Control, just like the term says "control", I think that there should be tighter and safer regulation, so that guns don't get into the hands of the wrong person, and used for bad reasons.  Persons who are granted ownership of a gun should be responsible and held accountable for the use of their weapons.

Regarding Healthcare, my view is that we should have only fixed what needed fixing, instead of bringing on a whole new and total reform.  However, I will say that there are a few good things on the new Healthcare Bill that President Obama signed, but there certainly is a lot that I don't agree with on the Bill as well, and some of the provisions on the Bill don't have anything to do with Healthcare, but offer too much Government in parts not needed.

You asked about my inspirations and/or favorite quotes.  I'm inspired by many people.  I believe that having an open and flexible mind helps to lead to enlightenment and creative thought.  I also believe that Respect is very important at all times, and we should try to treat others as we wish to be treated.

You also asked, of any ideas I'd have to make life & liberty easier for Americans.  America (we, all of us) are going to need to work hard again, before peacefully relaxing to an "easy" America again.

Willie Carter - Democrat

Tax/budget:Taxes are a very necessary part of our nation's business, but they must be fair, and I will work as President to guarantee the best possible fair tax for the American people. Taxes and the budget work so hand in hand that it seems impossible to adjust one with out causing an adverse affect on the other, but I know that we can and should select the right priorities, focusing less on the needs abroad turning our resources to address the needs of the American people, building the infrastructure of our nation, a friendly business climate producing jobs with livable wages, together the whole nation looking for ways to change the climate that has caused high prices. As we increase the jobs across America we increase the taxable income base providing relief for our nation’s debt, also making wiser decision of where we spend the American dollar collect from the American taxpayer.

Foreign policy:I believe as did our first President, George Washington, that the less foreign influence the better for our nation in solving it own problems.

Energy:I believe that now is a very good time to look at the alternative sources of energy and how we can best implement them in our business and in our personal lives, as we become more dependent on a single source of energy the demand drives up the cost of producing that source of energy, the scientific community can be very helpful in helping our nation and it's people to make better choices of energy uses, and I will, if elected to be President commit to less dependence on energy sources outside of our nation.

Alma Mater:
Graduate from I.M. Terrell High School in Fort Worth, Texas, two years college at Tarrant County Junior College, two semesters at Golden West College, CA.
Gun Control/Heath Care views:I believe that every American citizen should have the right to bear arms, with strict enforcement of the law to insure that dangerous persons do not have access to those weapons. I believe that Health Care should be affordable not mandatory, which kills fair competition

Dr. Charles F. Tolbert Ed.D. - Citizen for a better America

Tax/budget: HR 25 30 % reduction of government

Foreign policy: Stop out sourcing reduce foreign aid

Energy: solar

Alma Mater: Nova SE University

Gun Control/Heath Care views: Gun control is not a major issue, health care review rewrite
You can tell alot about a person by they're biggest inspirations and their favorite quotes. What are yours? Bring God back to America

Mosheh Thezion - Republican

Put simply, Taxes should be lower, the debt should be paid off,
real money restored, the bankrupty ended, and only spend money
which is taken in, and can only invest with a new debt free tax
free investment system, to allow it to create as much currency as
needed to boost the economy, however its actual use is limited to
mining and energy, as the two main key components in maintaining
strong positive growth for our species.

Foreign policy:    
We can change our entire foreign policy by using the proposed global
solution plans I offer to make present strategies old world, and no
longer relevant.

Put simply, we need energy, we need a lot of it, and we absolutely
need it to be dirt cheap... seriously dirt cheap, not expensive to
meet some market goals for investors into solar energy and so forth,
and instead the governments role is to make sure the supply of energy
is always abundant and cheap, so as to make our industries grow, and
this would be done by building massive power plants of all kinds to
ensure the constant abundant supply needed to drive our future
literally, and our vehicles.  This would include solar, nuclear, all
of which would by to be established law, sold off to the free market
once they as assets have paid for their own construction, so while
there would be market price controls by developing supply, it always
gets moved into private hands and taxed during its useful lifetime.
(to be clear, mining sites run by the Federal government would never
be sold off, only energy production infrastructure built)

Alma Mater:
Self taught for the most part.

Gun Control :  
Self defence should be respected up to a certain point, and Id say that
point is about .50 cal, anything larger than that is just kind of
crazy. But these restrictions if any must be by amendment, and must be
repealable or changeable by public will over time.  We lost this
constitutional amendment process in 1933 /1938...  thats how they took
your guns. They gained the ability to take our guns, when they usurped the
constitution due to a claimed emergency, based only on fear... and
robbed us all of freedom in 1938..........
Heath Care views:        
I promote actual INSURANCE for all, instead of managed care.

You can tell a lot about a person by they're biggest inspirations and
their favorite quotes. What are yours?

Nikola Tesla, Robert E. Howard, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad. Shaka Zulu,
Ghengis Khan, Tao, Buddha, Krishna etc...
(Romans 15:1)   We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of
the weak, and not to please ourselves.

What are some original ideas of yours that have not been brought
forward to make life and liberty easier for Americans?

How to restore real money, and end the 80 year old bankruptcy.
How to restore the constitution by ending the debt.
How to end all world poverty, by a similar method.

Dennis Knill - Republican
Eliminate the income tax - Implement a reasonable usage tax about 10 % on new items bought. 48% of the people in the U.S. don't pay any income tax now.  I will lower the corporate tax , to bring those companies back home, so our products will be made in the USA. again. And made to last !
 I will make sure that the budget is balanced every year , the way it's supposed to be.
Foreign policy: 
Eliminate the U.N. from the U.S.  We are not the planets police dept.

We have more energy right here at home than they have elsewhere in the world. We can eliminate Opec.

Alma Mater:  USA

Gun Control/Heath Care views: 
I believe in the second amendment, everybody except the criminals and the sick should be able to carry a gun where ever they go , no questions asked !  The crime rate would drop in half !
 I will repeal Obamacare  and have reasonable health care available  for who ever wants it.
 I will STOP , ALL frivolous spending, I will bring all of our troops home and send them to the Mexican border until the wall could be built. I will cut the government in half and make sure that it works for the people , not the special interest groups.

You can tell alot about a person by they're biggest inspirations and their favorite quotes. What are yours?  
The definition of insanity is; when you keep doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.*** Albert Einstein           Hence if we keep voting for the same old lying politicians, we will keep getting the same old $%&*(# ***  Dennis Knill


  1. Fairtax is a giant farce. Oh it sounds GREAT -- I was a big fan at first.

    Then I read the fine print. It's sooo Goofy, so insane, so wonderfully absurd, that I hope it passes.

    The Fairtax "leaders" know it's goofy and are scared to death it will get a hearing under oath. They have avoided hearings under oath for 13 years -- and if you read the fine print, you will see WHY they avoided hearings under oath.

    I just hope it passes, but because Fairtax leaders know it's goofy, it won't. THey will blame "the evil lobbyist" or something for blocking it.

  2. I as a candidate for President in 2012, am insulted that the Editor, chose not to include my responces. (which he had asked me for, and I did provide.)
    Clearly, this suggests a form of bias.

    for anyone who wants real long term solutions to our nation's and world's problems, then see my campaign website.
    -Mosheh Thezion

  3. Mosheh,

    If they changed your answers, they actually improved them from your website...

    Just saying...

    Scott VanBoskirk

    Al Tallant

  5. Correction to my previous post:

    first link is good, second one ran together
    -should be as below. May have to copy and paste.
    If you are looking for a patriotic American who is not afraid to stand up to corrupt politicians and tell the truth, then this is a great candidate

    Al Tallant